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Date/ Timescale Partner Theme
  GMMP 2015 - National Report- Pakistan 2015 GMMP GMMP 2015 National Report
  Changing Media Narratives     More Women in Media 
1 DANIDA The Final Touch - Media Monitoring Report 2011-13 DANIDA More Women in Media
2 Brochures Pack 1 2011-13 DANIDA More Women in Media
3 Brochures Pack 2 2011-13 DANIDA More Women in Media
4 Fair, Balanced and Unbiased? June 2013 DANIDA A Gender Analysis of Pakistan's Media Reporting on Election 2013
5 June 2013 DANIDA Gender - Sensitive Code of Ethics
6 Who is Telling our Story June 2013 DANIDA A Situation Analysis of Women in Media in Pakistan
7 Powerful Women-Powerful Nation: Empowering Women Through the Media March 2013 CIPE Report is the first ever media guide that has been designed as a resource tool for media professional to help them change the stereotypical reporting usually seen as the norm in Pakistan
8 September 2012 Global Fund For Women (GFW)

A Media Guide in Assisting the Media in Producing Media Messages Regarding the Safety and Security of Women and Children in Crisis Situation.

9 November 2011 National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Promoting Media Literacy in Pakistan by Building Linkages between Media and Public
10 April 2011 Global Fund for Women ill-treatment of Rape Victims by the Media
11 December 2010 UNFPA Empowering the Pakistani youth to design new Media Content on Gender Based Violence in Pakistan
11-A October 2010 National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Giving Public Context to Media Content
11-B January 2010 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (USA) & ML Resource LLC Social Vision Sensitizing Pakistan’s on how to promote better coverage of women
11-C December 2009

Woodrow  Wilson  International  Center  for  Scholars (USA)
Pakistani Women’s Media Network

Content Analysis of Pakistani Media on Women’s Representation
12 September 2009 Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands Understanding the disable behavior and the stereotypes
13 July 2009 NED How to report and produce gender sensitive radio programmes on Women and Political Participation in Pakistan.
14 2009 Open Society Institute The Role and Use of Radio to Promote Freedom of Information



March 2009 Interviews & Pakistani Women’s Media Network Discussing the Misconceptions and Inhibitions about Women’s Career in Media and Preparing Women for Field work and Technical Tasks



2008 British High Commission FCO Theoretical Framework and Practical Guidelines for Gender Sensitive Media Advocacy strategies



2007 Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Gender and Social perspective of HIV and AIDS



June 2007 Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Media Sensitization on HIV and AIDS



2005 Gender Equality Project (GEP) Developing a Framework a Regulatory Body for Print Media



January 2004 Gender Equity Project (GEP) Initiating Gender Sensitivity in the Print Media



2002   Monitoring and Sensitization of Print Media on the Portrayal of Women



September 1998 British High Commission Confer the use of Derogatory Language in Women-Related News in the Print Media

E-News Letters

Summer 2011
Promoting Public Discourse On Media Content In Pakistan

Spring 2011
NED Newsletter
National Endowment for Democracy

Summer 2010
NED Newsletter
National Endowment for Democracy

Spring 2010
NED Newsletter
National Endowment for Democracy
Spring 2010
The Reflector
Summer 2010
UNFPA Uks Newsletter 1
Changing Mindsets On Gener Based Violence
Fall 2010
UNFPA Uks Newsletter 2
Changing Mindsets On Gener Based Violence